Azat Foundation (AF) has been operating for over a decade in Balochistan. We remain committed to contribute in Balochistan's Development through Promotion of Education, Poverty Alleviation, Improvement in Health & WATSAN, responding to disasters, ensuring gender equity and respect to human rights in the society.

Through the years of continuous outreach and engagement, AF has successfully completed several projects in different districts of the province to meet the specific needs of the poorest and marginalized groups of society in the fields of Education, Livelihood Enhancement, Skill Development, WATSAN, Disaster Relief, Infra Structure, Health and Employment Generation.In spite of formidable challenges, AF's reputation of excellence and integrity has always remained at the forefront of its diverse work.In AF, we ensure the inclusion of women, disabled, the extreme poor, minorities and other neglected  segments of community in our work. Our field programmes reflect our passion for integrated sustainable development, which supports vulnerable people to transform their lives and communities permanently. We provided education, training, resources and CPI schemes in order that people were able to unlock brighter futures. As always, our passionate thanks go out to all Azat Foundation stakeholders - who together make all this work possible. Our donors and supports have been vital in enabling AF to get real help to the world's most vulnerable people. Together, we have important work to do - -with the grace of Almighty Allah. 

Let us make a real difference and help transform lives across the Country.  

Zahid Ahmed Mengal
Executive Director