Youth Friendly Interventions

Youth Friendly Program in District Noshki

   Area of Intervention: Noshki                 Duration: June-Dec. 2010               Thematic Area: Youth Empowerment

  Beneficiaries : 6,299 Youths                 Donor : United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)


  • Established 4 Youth Friendly Centres (YFCs)
  • Established 6 Corners in 4 Boys and 2 Girls School to Reach the Target Group for Enrolment & friendly services including counselling, referral for medical support, library services and different skills such as computer courses, English Language and Embroidery etc.
  • Established Youth Resource Library (With the Support of Donor Action Aid Pakistan) in which more than 500 books and magazines are available for youth.
  • Established Youth Advocacy Group having membership of 11 (7 Male-4 Female)
  • Enrolled 626 Boys & 315 Girls in Youth Friendly Centres
  • Conducted 4 trainings (2 Each for Male & Female Youth Peer Educators) including 40 Males & 40 Females
  • Conducted 98 Life Skills Based Education Sessions (LSBE) including 1,070 Male & 900 Females
  • Conducted LSBE ToT workshop for the educators and teachers in which 14 educators were trained to implement educate youth on Life Skills Based Education
  • Conducted LSBE ToT workshop for peer educators including one peer educator, one LSBE teacher and 4 members (2 Male-2 Female) of the organization
  • Held 6-months Adult Female Literacy Program for 56 female youths
  • Total # of 111 youth acquired counselling, FP and RH services through YFCs, School Corners and outreach activities of Social Mobilization
  • Referral services accessed by 500 youths
  • Celebrated International Drug Abuse Day in which 95 participants participated
  • Celebrated International Youth Day in which more than 100 participants participated
  • Celebrated Mother and Children Week in which more than 120 women including mothes, housewives and female youths participated
  • Celebrated International HIV/AIDS Day in which 82 participants participated
  • 20 youth members (10 Male-10 Female) participated in 3-days training workshop on Youth Friendly Health Services organized by MoH-UNFPA