Off Campus Community Cluster Schools to Promote Girls Continued Education in Noshki district of Balochistan


   Area of Intervention: Noshki                 Duration: Feb. 2013-March 2014                Thematic Area: Education

  Beneficiaries : 175 Girls                Donor : UK-AID


  • Conducted Coordination Meetings & Social Mobilisation for the purpose of Forming Community Organisations as well as obtaining recommendation for local and graduate females for teaching the targeted beneficiaries
  • Conducted Baseline Survey in order to evaluate the statistics on # of villages, population (age/gender disaggregated), information of existing causes of NOT GOING TO SCHOOL
  • Established 07 Off-Campus Community Cluster Schools
  • Conducted Capacity Building workshops for identified Off-Campus Teachers
  • Identified 175 girls who have passed primary and middle level of education
  • Enrolled 175 girls in Off-Campus Community Cluster Schools for the purpose of ENABLING THEM FOR SECONDARY SCHOOL CERTIFICATION
  • Provided course books to 175 Girls
  • 175 girls appeared and cleared in SSC examination that assisted them for applying in Govt./Private vacancies