Research, Advocacy & Awareness Initiative on Increasing Women Turnout Rate in Elections

Increasing Female Voter Turnout

   Area of Intervention: Quetta                 Duration: March-August 2013                Thematic Area: Women Empowerment

  Beneficiaries : 14,000 Community Members                Donor : Citizens' Voice Project-USAID


  • Held Letter Writing Campaign in which 4,000 letters were written to various stakeholders
  • Conducted 4,500 door-to-door visits for Community Mobilization
  • Held 80 Meetings with Community Members for Community Mobilization
  • Held 96 Meetings with Elders and Local Leader for Community Mobilization
  • Formed 1 Vigilance Committee for helping out and facilitating CVGs
  • Formed 32 Citizens Voter Groups (CVGs)
  • Conducted 16 Capacity Building Sessions for CVGs
  • Held 40 Meetings of Vigilance Committee
  • Held 4 Meetings on Advocacy on Pro-Female Voting
  • Obtained Commitments from 19 Candidates
  • Developed 1,050 IEC Material on Compliant Mechanism
  • Settled 10 stalls at Prominent Places of City for Awareness Raising Through Distribution of 5,950 IEC Material