Vocational Training Services to Enhancing Quality & Access to Technical Vocational Services in District Chagai

Building the Capacity of Unskilled Youth

   Area of Intervention: UC Chagai, Ziarat Balanosh & Chilghazi, District Chagai                 Duration: May 2014-Oct. 2014             

  Thematic Area: Technical & Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

  Beneficiaries : 50 Males               Donor : Islamic Relief Pakistan


  • Established 2 sewing centres
  • Imparted training on Tailoring (Cutting & Sewing) to 50 volunteers and and essential standards for the making production attained
  • Distributed 50 sewing machines to all targeted beneficiaries
  • Participants developed skills in tailoring and matching standards to satisfy market demands, as well as managerial and technical capacities to run a business
  • participants/youth were provided with equipment and, organized in community based working units which cover all fields of production and marketing, are able to effectively manage their business
  • Business established, that are sustainable and generating a basic income for the families of the beneficiaries