Programme for Poverty Reduction (Phase-1)

Under the Government of Italy's Facility

   Area of Intervention: District Awaran                 Duration: April-August 2015                Thematic Area: Social Mobilization

  Beneficiaries : 90 COs, 10 VOs & 1 LSO                Donor :Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF)


  • Revitalized 90 Dormant Community Organizations (COs) for Programme Interventions 
  • Revitalized 10 Dormant Village Organizations (VOs) for Overviewing Programme Interventions
  • Revitalized 1 Local Support Organization (LSO) to Manage Programme Resources
  • Identified 30 Active Community Resource Persons (CRPs)
  • Built Capacity of 11 CRPs on Monitoring & Evaluation, Financial Management & Role of Change-makers in Sustainable Development
  • 10 Village Development Plans (VDPs) Developed covering the needs of community at village level
  • 1 Union Council Development Plan (UCDP) developed compiling the needs identified in 10 VDPs
  • Bank Accounts of COs, VOs & LSO opened/revitalized
  • Developed linkages of COs, VOs & LSO with other stakeholders